Short notice cancellation

I would like to have some assistance on a model. I organized a party and received lots of cancellation the day before or the day of the party.

C: guests cancelled at short notice
T: I spent so much money and time to prepare for x guests
F: annoyed
A: I complain with my husband and a couple of friends, I worry about the likelihood of wasted food, I wish I did not spent so much money, I tell myself I will stop organizing another party, I consider not inviting those who canceled last minute anymore, if I will have another party.
R: ?

I think that the underlying thought is that it was disrespectful to cancel last minute. Some cancelations were due to the Coronavirus panic; I understand that some might be afraid, but the virus was in our city already at the beginning of the week and my thought is that those who cancelled due to the virus, could have done it before or eventually let me know that they were considering cancelling.

In any case, I have some difficulties finding my result: disrespect towards myself? How?

Below is my intentional model, which I did before the party:

C: same
T: I can still have fun
F: eager to welcome those who come
A: I put my worries abt the wasted money and food aside, I stop complaining about the cancellations, I ask a couple of good friends to bring Tupperware to bring some food home after the party, I decide to explore the issue more in depth next time I have a SCS slot in my calendar, I eat at my heart’s content knowing that there is more than enough food. Right, I don’t have to worry for the guests coming later that there will be not enough food!
R: I have a good time with my friends, my friends who came have a good time, I give lots of food to friends to bring home, I don’t have to cook in the next few days.

Thanks for your input on the UM and comments in general.