Short on sleep, mind offering bleak thoughts

Hi Coaches,

I had a really bad sleep last night and today, my mind is offering some bleak thoughts. Things like:
* My manager X is doing a terrible job
* The company is going to fail
* I’m old, fat and ugly
* I have to do everything around the house

None of these thoughts are thoughts that I want to practice having. With a normal sleep, I don’t think these thoughts….much.

If I’m being honest, I DO think these thoughts from time to time; it’s like the proverbial beach ball that I can keep under the water most of the time, except for when I’m short on sleep.

I’m working on the (erroneous) belief that I’m special and I can make life 80-20 if I work hard and do things right. Knowing that I’m seeking to accept the 50-50, I can’t decide if these bleak thoughts are a goldmine and I should be working them into models, or if it’s simply a good time for some self-compassion and a nap. What do you think? Thanks.