"Should be doing more"

I have an UM that I’m almost not wanting to let go of. On some level, I’m believing that the T benefits me, even though it causes me to feel anxious. It’s a T that comes up for me pretty much on a daily basis.

Can you please review & offer feedback:

C: My calendar with X number of items scheduled for the day.
T: I should be doing more.
F: Anxious
A: I end up adding to-dos to my calendar whenever I have open time on a day & don’t really need the time off.
R: I do more so that I can feel better (in this case, so that I can feel satisfied).

I see that I could practice thinking something along the lines of “I’m doing enough”, but that T wouldn’t lead me to the R of “doing more”, since I’d be satisfied with whatever I am doing, and I feel like I wouldn’t be trying to do & grow more.