Should I be doing more

Hey there coaches –
I am taking 5 weeks semi-holidays. I’ll be taking my coaching calls but not really doing any “extra” work (admin/back office/ selling/ etc). I had decided ahead of time that I would take the first week, of which I’m currently in, completely off. But now that I’m 4 days in I’m getting all sorts of thoughts that I should be doing more or making better use of my time.
We’re in semi-quarantine (me nor my husband have to but my daughter has to) so things have been pretty low key. I’ve been thinking that I should be making better use of my time and do some work-related things.
I’m kind of realising that this thought implies that what I’m doing currently is less valuable or just not good enough / That actively working on my business is inherently better than just chilling out.

I can see this kind of thinking is fueled by the belief that people who “make it” use all available time to build their business and if I don’t do that then I won’t “make it”.

Can you help me flesh this out/ untangle it?