Should I be “nice”?

Brooke, what is your opinion of being nice? I belong to a country club where “being nice” seems to be held in very high regard. It’s a little “Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Meaning, kiss kiss, hug hug and then gossip behind the back. When I hear women talk about other women as in “Do you know Laura?” The highest compliment seems to be “oh, she is so nice!” When I think about what others think about me, I can imagine them saying “oh god, she is so funny” “she is so smart and motivated” “she is very outgoing”. The one thing I can’t imagine them saying is “she is so nice”. I have never heard anyone say I am nice. I don’t hug/kiss(I just saw you yesterday!) try my best to act real and authentic. I think about men…”oh he is so nice” . I don’t think so. Should I try to be nicer?