Should I become a life coach?

I know, that’s only a question I can answer, but I want someone to look into my thinking.

I absolutely LOVE Self Coaching Scholars, Brooke Castillo, and The Model. I first learned about all of it a year ago and it has transformed the way I see and experience the world. Because I love doing this work on myself so much, I’ve thought about becoming a life coach to help others do the same.

But honestly, I don’t think I’d like being a life coach as much. I see myself as a quiet introvert and I’m exhausted just at the thought of coaching people all day, everyday, day in and day out. Even the thought of coaching half the day produces the same feelings.

I remember the time I used to be a teacher and an admissions officer (at a private school where I toured interested parents around the school for an 1hr each tour). Exhausting. Being in constant contact with people all day and talking all day completely drained me. By the time I was ready to drive home, I didn’t want to even turn on the radio. I just wanted to sit in silence.

I now work from home writing online articles for companies (last 2 years). One of the things I love the most is that I don’t have to talk to anyone almost ever. I don’t miss the social aspect at all. I feel like I was born for quarantine lol. It’s just me and my thoughts, all day long, until my husband gets home…and it’s bliss.

But the super interesting thing to me is that Brooke is a self-proclaimed introvert (ex-introvert it seems as of recent!). And I’ve heard her say even as recently as her conversation with Todd Herman that she finds crowds and presentations totally draining…but…she built a coaching empire coaching people one-on-one and in groups.

So….how does that work? Since everything is just my thoughts about a circumstance, is it just a question of liking my reasons for not becoming/becoming a life coach?

I think what attracts me to becoming a life coach is that I see so many coaches from The Life Coach School who are financially successful and I think: “I want to make that much money too!” So I get excited about becoming a life coach.

But when I stop to think about it, I know I can create the same financial results in other professions. I don’t think I’d enjoy being a life coach as much as I enjoy coaching myself, but I also know that if I do become one, I get to choose how enjoyable/not enjoyable I think it is.

So if basically any profession I choose can go either way, how do I decide whether or not I want to become a life coach?