Should I change my goal weight from 125 to 130?

Hi coaches! I’m 5’5″ and my goal weight is 125. I’m 40, I do strength training, HIIT, walking and yoga – I feel like my fitness is on point. I feel like my food is almost on point – mostly no sugar, no flour, lots of veg, planned exceptions, though overeating is still my work and the urge jar is a game changer. I’ve been at 130 pounds for about a month now and it seems that when I dip below 130, my hunger gets really erratic. Super hungry, lots of cravings. Honestly, I’m sick of being hungry all the time! I want food more than I want to be 125! Is it ok to change my goal weight? Not from a place of exasperation, but genuinely accepting that 130 may be best for my body and mind? My brain focuses so much on food and I’m ready to just move on with the rest of my life here…. Thank you for your words of wisdom!