Should I continue therapy along with Self Coaching Scholars

I have been in therapy the last couple of months to process feelings about my bipolar mom that are triggered because of seeing my granddaughters struggles caused by the behaviors and decisions my bipolar daughter is making. Its been a bit like double inception–if you have seen that movie. It is a very strange feeling of being in my body, but also standing outside myself like I am watching a movie that has no stop button. I have been so shaken by the intensity of my feelings that I cannot sometimes pinpoint to a thought or experience. I have been telling my experiences to the therapist and she comments that I have multiple traumas and that I need to sit with those and allow my feelings about those experiences. My nature is to want to FIX it now and be done with it. I know I cannot change the fact that my mom has bipolar and my daughter has bipolar. There has been so much hurt and pain for me. Since I started Self Coaching Scholars–this is my first month, although I have been listening to Brooke’s podcasts for a year now–I have a heightened sense of hope for my future and the life I want to create for myself. I know that therapy is past-focused and Brooke recommends telling someone about experiences, but I am struggling to appreciate the value in this. I don’t want to be stuck in the past. I don’t want my pain and all those other terrible feelings to take over and color me and my experiences. What should I do? Should I continue therapy along with this? Can you suggest some thoughts I might try on?