Should I discuss my models on negative thoughts with my new partner?

For the last three months I have been in a new relationship. We are very much in love. This last month, I am becoming quite unsure; my thoughts are:

-He is too nice for me
-If he learns to know me better, he will quit
-I am too insecure for him
-I am not nice, spontaneous, or funny enough for him
-I am not relaxed enough for him
-He wants a partner who is confident and relaxed
-Sometimes, I don’t know what to say and how to create a deep connection with him

I am doing a lot of models on this.
However I am a highly sensitive person, so for me it is very painful to feel my emotions.
My question is, should I just do these models on my own or with a coach or should I talk about my negative thoughts with me new partner/lover. Is it wise to do that?