Should I focus on changing the thought about myself, or on changing myself, in my situation ?


I am getting used to the model, but I am still figuring out what to do on the next step. For example, I am a screenwriter and director and here is the pattern that has been in my life for a while :

C : I received lots of rejections for my new screenplay, and some producers I used to work with are not following me on my next project (they decided to follow my ex teammates projects but not mine)
T : Me and my projects are not cool enough to attract producers and people interest and excitement.
F : Disgust / hurt
A : I write without enthusiasm.
R : Not good enough results.

Do you recommend I focusing on changing the thought (ex : I don’t have to be original and cool to attracts producers, lots of artists are introverts, etc.) or to focus on changing the way I am by trying to be more extrovert, funny, original and cool ?

Thanks a lot !