Should I move?

My husband and I moved back to Chicago after 14 years of being in NY for job reasons. We moved back to the area to be near family. Four years have passed and in that time, my mother (last living parent) passed away and my son and family want to move away to Michigan seeking a gentler life. We have siblings here but are feeling as if we moved back for the wrong reasons. We are now considering moving to a place that perhaps could bring more joy, pleasure and outdoor exposure, lower taxes would help too! I am wrestling with hurting people’s feelings and this is driving me to do nothing. Afraid of even looking at it. The fantasy would be if everyone else moved away first, then I could go! This is not a reality. My husband, on the other hand, has no issue with looking towards living in a place he desires based on environment and surrounding happiness (i.e. Denver, Austin). I feel so stuck in my thinking. My insides are completely knotted up. I tried to do a model on the Q&A today and Molly Claire spoke about Brooke saying “Loving the place you live first before leaving so you then can ask yourself why do you want to leave if I am happy?”