Should I quit?

I know this is your business, but I also believe you’re an honest person. I find I am using self coaching scholars as entertainment. And it is very entertaining. But I don’t find that I’m doing much with it personally. As a 68-year-old retired person I have trouble coming up with goals to work toward. It’s very entertaining for me to watch people get coached and make plans to reach their goals, however so much of it just does not pertain to me. Nearly every month I think I’ll send in my notice to stop my membership, but then I don’t. I believe that you want as many scholars as you can get, but you probably don’t want people whose needs you are not meeting. I guess that’s part of my problem, I don’t even know what my needs are. I have stopped over eating, and I have stopped over drinking. I’ve lost 55 pounds. About the only thing I really need to work on is my relationship with my husband and becoming physically fit. But I’m not sure I need to spend as much time in scholars as I do working on those two things. You sometimes call it consuming rather than doing. And I agree. However, I know I spend a lot of hours consuming your material as entertainment not knowing how to put it into practical application in my own life. You have made the comment that some people are willing to retire and live comfortably on their 401(k), something that you’re not interested in doing. Frankly, if I had met you 10 years ago I would take a different path in my life. I think the world is full of bored, older, retired people who don’t know what to do with themselves which is why they turn to drinking, over eating and gambling. I keep looking for that cause or purpose in my life that will ignite motivation in me. Which I can hear you say, means I’m indulging in confusion. You and your scholars have filled many empty hours in my life, but I know in my heart it’s just another form of buffering. Can you think of a reason for me to stay? I want to, but the money might be better used in the form of a donation rather than me idling away my hours watching other people live their lives and make goals. You Council other life coaches to narrow their niches is to a particular person. I am probably way outside your target market. What do you think?