Should I stay or go part 2

Okay, so I thought about it and my results actually are consistent. Every week I stay on plan until usually Friday when I have a planned joy eat that lasts an hour and I basically overeat or binge during that time. My weight goes down during the week and I gain like 5 pounds when I do this or travel and have the same pattern. So, then I looked at the thoughts that create that circumstance and here are a few:
I can’t trust myself around certain foods (literally I don’t keep anything tempting in the house)
I wait all week for that planned joy (I know this isn’t allowing urges but this is where I am)
I don’t have much to look forward to besides the joy eat and drinks with friends (I know all the responses to this but again this is what honestly comes up)
I am stuck
So let me try some models:
C- Roller coaster results due to consistently going off plan
T – I wait all week for that exception
F – frustrated (at lack of results)
A – Keep overeating, keep roller coastering, keep being confused
R – deprive myself of results, waste money on plan I’m not following, feel frustrated with self
C – Roller coaster results due to off plan
T- I am working on my consistency and staying on plan serves my goals
F – more committed
A- stay on plan, do a better job of planning joy eat specifically so it’s not so overabundant, plan drinks
R – Keep more consistent progress instead of roller coastering

I still feel like I could use help here. I have struggled with this since I joined in March and I really want to work through this! Thank you!!