Should I stay or should a go?

A prior manager contacted me with a job position in her new company. I worked for her 4 years ago and loved working for her. I choose to leave because I wanted more challenges and professional growth. My current position gives me professional and personal growth, daily and the for the most part, I am happy. I enjoy what I do and cannot remember a day I was not busy or challenged. I would say my current position is a 9, but my life is a 4 to 5. The new job offer comes with a pay raise, bonuses and simpler less work. My first impulse is to go to the new company for the money and less work so I can work on other things that fill my life; SCS, my health and making my life a 9. The new position has less time off, but I never use all my time off at my current position. When I do models or thought downloads, I still find myself indulging in confusion. Some of the models seem too simple, as I can feel positive or negative based on the thought. Do you have suggestions on how I can make this decision?