Should I stay or should I go?

Hi! Have a dilemma. I have originally signed up in February for March as an investment in me. I wanted to see how things work and do one month. The reason for only one month is that we are starting a business and I have a big trip to see my family we have a wedding this year….we have money but we have expenses that we are already committed to. My husband is his awesome self and says I should do what I think is best. I am the accountant for the family too. I know this is a good investment but I also want to keep the money in the account for all the things coming our way. I did work on myself by myself before and now I have more tools to use. The thing is that I process things better when this way – asking question and talking things true is my way of working things out. I would miss this feature so much. The middle ground is to stop now and do work by myself for a year and see where I am. In a year I can always join again and go for the diamond. What do you think?