Should I stay or should I go part II

Hi. I am still working on this one. And a funny thing is in your answer you asked that I imagine my future self and ask her what to do but my brain is in a way blocking her. I am not able to imaging her but small bits and pieces. This just shows me how much work I actually need to do here and makes me want to stay but then a thought that it will be a lot of money pops up again and I am realising that I am after changing many beliefs still coming from scarcity. I have a lot of work to do. So I am staying. And again if this is not working I can leave then but I doubt that it won’t work. I think that my mind is just blocking me all over the place because it is terrified. And that is ok. We can be scared and do this. Because I do not want to be in a hamster wheel I want to get out and learn how to do this. Having help will make this more efficient and faster and I will be inspired to do things I haven’t thought of. So, let’s start. Where do I start? Based on this months experience I think I want to start with just allowing myself to feel my feelings and discover the thoughts that are causing them. Do you think slow start is a good idea? I have pretty much gone over all the material already so I am familiar with all of it and I am doing stop overeating which is going well but the overlapping them and the backbone are our thoughts and that is why I think feeling my feelings and figuring out my thoughts I think is a good start. I think doing this will get me to stop buffering across all the aspects of my life and I will be more present which means doing more of what I truly want to do. I would do that and I know its a process that truly never ends but will get easier and in addition to that I will do my March homework. I have been practicing a sentence about my increasing my earning. Do you think maybe I should change it to something that will help me stay and access my future self? A year ago or so I read a book Playing Big and a guided visualisation (very helpful) had me see myself in my beach house and my word was love. That women I still believe but she is so far in the future that my mind is not scared. I have tried to see myself in a year and two and that is much harder. Would you have any suggestion to help find her? Thank you. I know this is a lot but I feel you need all of it. Thank you for your answer.