Should I stay or,should I go?

I’ve been a local chamber member for over two years and very engaged in the chamber, volunteering and networking and building connections. I had planned to let my membership lapse but the president reached out to me and offered to work with me on dues if I decided to stay. Part of me says I want to be done with this membership and the other part of me says that I have spent so much time building up relationships that now is not the time to leave even if the majority of members are not my target market.
I’m stuck in indecision because I’m letting my feelings and thoughts cloud my decision.

C: chamber membership
T: I don’t know if I should renew my membership
F: indecision
A: stalling, not deciding, going between why I should stay and why to go
R: not making a decision

I think I am making my non renewal mean that I gave up on the chamber when they need me most and that I’m not a loyal member. That I should want to stay.
The other part of me says that they aren’t quite my target market and that I want a break from my volunteering and the group. I started to,volunteer more out of obligation than desire this year.
I’m making this mean so much and wondering what others will think if I go.

How can I dig Deeper to get to th core issue and make the circumstance neutral?

Thank you rockstars you are amazing!