Should I still go for personal training?

I reached out to a very good trainer and somehow started conversations that went beyond appropriate. I never met my trainer yet but some topics make me uncomfortable. I also developed feelings for him. We talked it out, decided to focus on training and keeping professional.

My concern is that in the past I have been romantically involved with a married man and it didn’t end well. It caused lots of mental problems that I still take medication to manage. Somehow this encounter with the new trainer who I haven’t met before is making me re-living the old scenes being with the person who I was with 7 years ago.

Should I still proceed with training or should I request to change to a different coach?  I do feel very connected to this person and I think he is conscientious and going to tell me everything about fitness without reservation. He is not just in it for the money and I respect that.  What should I do? I am very anxious.