Ok. You are so kind to respond to all these crazy questions! Thank you!
So, I finally found the Stop over-eating workbook and I have read up on that. It was talking about Joy food. I have wanted to plan to have a joy food on Christmas day. I wrote you earlier and I was asking about this. I didn’t know how to phrase it. You basically told me to re-consider and perhaps stay true to protocol. So, I was prepared NOT to have anything off protocol that day.
With my reading today, I found that you allow an intentional ‘joy food’ w/ 24 hour prior notice once a week. That is what I needed to know. So, now knowing this. Do you suggest I have a joy meal once this week (Saturday which is tomorrow) and once next week on Christmas? I have mixed messages, so I am not sure what you are saying to me in the end. I have 3 pounds till I am at my goal weight. Then, I may blow my own mind and lose 3 more pounds. I wanna stop the overdesire for frosting. I want to show my clients through my experience that it is possible.
Thank you again and sorry for the repeats.
Should I have my joy eat tomorrow (using the worksheet) AND Christmas? (I have had no flour or sugar since Thanksgiving)