Should you switch your scholars focus when you think there is a looming crisis?

This month is my first in scholars. I joined scholars to help me achieve my career and money goals and to deal with my family. I joined for the entrepreneur and how to feel better training. After exploring the program, I decided to start with the stop overeating workshop so that I would stop buffering with food to go deeper into the other workshops. I am going on vacation with my family soon and with each day I am generating more negative thoughts and emotions and still buffering with overeating. Every day, I am getting more upset and anxious about this vacation because I don’t usually enjoy time with my family. This makes me want to stop doing my overeating work and do as much of the how to feel better course as I can before the vacation so that I can feel better now and while I am on the vacation. So is it ok to switch between courses or should I keep my constraint and just stick to the stop overeating and use this vacation as a way to experience negative emotion without buffering? Also, I don’t think I am using the how to feel better course as a buffer but I do feel like I need to get a different perspective because my thoughts are driving me nuts.