How to show up for my kids when times are hard for me.

Hi Brooke, Thank you for sharing your work. I have been listening to your podcast since the beginning. I need SCS because I was not doing the work on my own. So thank you, thank you, thank you…
Negative emotions are a struggle for me. I run from them as fast as I can, I don’t even want to know there names.
I am recently divorce, we were married for 38 years. He left me for a younger women and they are getting married. I am trying to find myself and rediscover who I am as a single woman. I have 4 children, 1 of which is still living at home. I have a good relationship with my kids. I am struggling with the fact that my kids are excited about the wedding and keeping secrets and judging me. I want my kids to have a relationship with there dad, he has not ever been active in their lives and lives over 1000 miles away. I want to show up positive, liberated and assured.

One week after the wedding, my youngest daughter will graduate from high school – I am having an open house – I am afraid that they will come. Any suggestions on how to negotiate this?

C – ex is getting married
T – I wasn’t good enough
E – Sad, Humiliated and Hurt
A – Eat everything in sight
R – Still not good enough

C – Ex is getting married
T – I have the opportunity to create the person I want to be.
E – Liberated
A – Do the work on myself
R – Strong Independent woman who doesn’t need a cheating husband.

C – Graduation Party ex couple is attending
T – Makes me want to throw up
F – Mortified
A – Cry
R – a mess

I have 3 months to get to this:
C – Graduation Party ex couple is attending
T – I am a strong independent woman who is right where she wants to be
E – Confident
A – In the moment, recognizing my daughter’s wonderful accomplishments
R – A good celebration for my daughter