Showing up for myself vs self care? (MKM)

Hey Brooke

I have 2 little boys ages one and three years old. Last night they were sick with fevers and coughing, and between the two of them they were up 16 times. That’s 16 times between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am. I have no idea how much sleep I actually got… Maybe 2 hrs broken? Needless to say, today felt like a write off. I had my day all mapped out with work I was going to do for my business. I did accomplish 1 thing, but nothing else got done as I was dealing with serious fatigue and still being mom to two sick boys.

This is where I’m not sure about the showing up for myself part vs taking care of myself. I feel like I can’t get run down. I’m thinking thoughts like I need to sleep when possible under these circumstances so that I can continue to take care of them, run my household, do my business, and stick to my protocol. Is this just my lower brain tricking me? I can’t tell when I’m so tired if it’s my prefrontal cortex or my toddler brain making decisions. This happens at least once every few months where I only get a few hrs of sleep due to them being awake (flu season, teething, scary monsters, fevers, you name it, they wake up). It throws me off and I spend at least 2 days recovering. Please help me know how to deal with this. Thank you!