Siblings didn’t tell me about the change to our dad’s will

My dad died 8 months ago. I have an older brother (who is the executor), and sister. Growing up it was made clear to all of us that the estate would be divided evenly among us siblings. Here’s my question: from the time my dad died, the 3 of us siblings have been working together amicably to sell the household goods and property.

Out of the blue, just before the house is sold, my brother sends me a copy of the will today that states he and my sister each get 45% of the proceeds, and I get 10%. I realize the division of property was my dad’s decision, and I have no control over that. What made me really angry is my brother and sister not telling me all these months that I just get 10%.

T: I deserved better than to be strung along and not told
F: hurt & angry

I’m trying to come up with a full model. Right now I feel betrayed by my siblings and my dad, who changed his will several months before he died, without saying anything to me.

I suppose a C line could be: I was not told right away that my inheritance was considerably less than I expected.
That doesn’t sound like a neutral circumstance.

Any thoughts? I want to find peace with the fact that they kept this from me and strung me along for months. I realize I am taking the role of victim here. It just feels like such a betrayal, especially when I have been really supportive for an amicable outcome as my siblings and I have been selling the property. I also realize that what I was told for years about the property settlement, set up an expectation that was not fulfilled.