Sick for the holidays

I’m working very hard on letting worry go. My son was sick with a stomach bug all night last night – throwing up, etc. We are supposed to fly across the country on Wednesday and my brain immediately goes to the scenario where the virus hits the rest of the family on the airplane. Can you help me come up with a thought to practice?
UM: Son is sick
T: The rest of the family could get it at the worst possible time – on the plane
F: Fear
A: Worry, ruminate on this thought, play it out in my head, consider cancelling the trip (without actually doing it since I don’t *know* this will happen).
R: Added suffering to the situation

IM: C: Same
T: Right now I am healthy? (This one isn’t helping so much right now)
F: Calm
A: Drop the worry. Pretend that the best scenario will happen (the rest of the family stays healthy). Prepare for the trip.
R: No added suffering