On The Side Effects of SCS

Hello, hello, hello, Queen Awesome!

Wanted to share with you a side-effect I am having from SCS:

I am an immigrant and live in NYC, a city where you don’t need a driver’s license nor a car (just ask Tina Fey).
I found out two years ago that if I ever wanted to drive in the US I would have to get an American driver’s license, which means I would have to do the written exam, pre-licensing course, and road test all over again, as my foreign driver’s license means sh*t here.

The entire past two years I resisted going through the process and reasoned it with the fact that I don’t need a driver’s license in NYC, I am not planning to live anywhere else, I could always order a taxi/Uber, a car is a killing machine, everyone is texting and driving, or one day I’ll even have my own driver 🙂

Until two weeks ago when suddenly it made total sense to me to do it and stop make excuses, change the sentences in my head and just get it done.

I scheduled the written exam and created a tight schedule of ten days to study for it. On the morning of the exam I envisioned the place, how easy it is going to be, how everything will run smoothly and how effortlessly I will pass. I was in and out in 20 minutes, passed the exam, done!

Then I scheduled the pre-licensing course (five mother-f*&^ing hours), found a school, enrolled, went yesterday, got a certificate, done!

Next will be the road test, and in my mind it’s done already.

It never even occurred to me that this is a goal I intend to accomplish, and so I see it as one of the side effect – the things that open up to me just by doing the thought work and your model.

Suddenly I am dreaming of the possibility of living in sunny California… who knew…

That Screenwriter