Signal vs noise

Good morning coaches, a question for you.. so I am having a hard time understanding how to stand in front of my own thoughts. We learn that we are not our thoughts, that our thoughts do not define us, and desires which are ultimately thoughts, do not need to be answered, we are not them.
So often I find myself a bit puzzled on what to believe then… if I let all thoughts flow, won’t I dismiss something relevant? Like what I really want in life, my true desires… and in fact how do we tease apart ‘true’ desires from ‘false’ desires? Is there really such a thing?
This have come up multiple times for instance while exercising:
– the fact that I am dreading it means nothing
– the fact that I am thinking I should be kinder to myself means nothing
– You are not treating your body respectfully
– If you exercised more your ‘self love muscles’ you would have no desire for exercising
– maybe I have a genuine desire for
So,here just as an example, how to select the signal from the noise, how to label something as a value and another as a limiting belief? Maybe you could offer me a question to ask myself on this? Thanks