I signed a $9,000 client!!! (you coached me on my Funnel business at Modelthon)


You coached me at Modelthon this past time about my funnels business. Specifically around my belief.

I’ve been doing the work. I create thoughts about myself, funnels and my clients and I’ve practiced them everyday. I’ve done my daily homework. I’ve done at least one model everyday. I’ve taken action and it’s paid off.

I signed my FIRST $9,000 client to build her funnel and support her with marketing coaching. February was a record month (earning more than my husband!) and I’ve almost made more than I made all of 2017.

I had a conversation with a current client, whom I meet because I offered to help her for free. She hired me to create a launch strategy and help her execute it. Yesterday we discussed how we can continue working together long term. Whaaaaat?! Whose life is this Brooke?!! Mine!!!! eek!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I continue to see the power of the model in my life and my business.

(I’ve felt terrible since I’ve had these conversations, but I am going to just go with, “sometimes you feel terrible! no big deal”!)