Simplifying Model Or Multiple Models?

I am just learning to do the model. My question is about how to manage when I have multiple thoughts or multiple feelings connected to a circumstance. While they’re all similar and connected I find I end up writing a lot in my thoughts and feeling an action lines. Should I be doing separate models for each? Is it important to model every thought that I have? Here’s an example:

C: my adolescent is withdrawn

T: something is wrong, he’s using drugs, i’m a bad mom, if I were different this wouldn’t be happening, if I’ve been different in the past this wouldn’t be happening, etc.

F: anxious, regretful, responsible/guilty, afraid

A: worry worry worry, nag him about things I can’t control, intrude, yell

R: we are disconnected, he withdraws more. Are these multiple models? Where do I pick the most salient one? Thanks so much for your help