Single moms can’t make big money

I have a belief about money that I don’t know how to change. As a single mom, I have chosen time with my son over a career. I’ve never done daycare and always taken part-time, work from home jobs that enabled me to be with him and be active in his schooling.

At times I have made okay money, but it was because I worked two part-time remote jobs and ran my own business and taught online in the super early morning hours. During this time, we were able to live in a nicer apartment and I was able to save some money, but I was not enjoying my life. I was so stressed out by all my work that I experienced a lot of health problems.

So experience has shown me that if I want to be available for my son, I am limited to what kind of work I can do and, therefore, my income will be limited. If this is the sacrifice I must make, I accept that because my son is more important to me than any job. But I would love to make big money so we could have more options.

I feel like the idea that single moms can’t make big money without giving up time with their kids is likely false. However, I have no idea how to unravel this belief of mine and no examples to the contrary. How can I change this?