Single – Struggling between peacefulness & loneliness

Hi there,

I am 25 and I have been single for a year. I have never felt better. Indeed, this year I took time to work on my mind, figured out what I don’t want anymore, what I truly want… It has been liberating. I love being alone, I find my energy from those times alone.

Yet, I catch myself feeling lonely sometimes. Usually it happens when I see kids. I know that one day I will have kids, I want to experience motherhood but I also know that I want to have this adventure with an amazing prince charming ! That I haven’t met yet.

I’m struggling with my model about this feeling because most of the time I am at peace and truly happy about being single.

My model about loneliness:
C : I’m single.
T : I sometimes wish I was with an amazing person.
F : Loneliness
A : I overthink my future. I stress out about not finding anyone, not meeting anyone, I look at couples with kids that seem happy.
R : ?

I also don’t know what my result is. R: I’m single. R: I’m where I am suppose to be. R: I am not with an amazing person. R: I should be looking for Prince charming and date if I want my results to change.

Could you help me with that?

Thank you so much!!