My sis in law ordered product through another rep in my network marketing company (yes, she is very aware I partner with this particular company). Anyway, she then goes out of her way to message me a complaint about something regarding her purchase.

I asked myself “why is this a problem ?” The problem is she is intentionally trying to annoy me. I mean, why else would she talk to me about her order when she specifically chose someone else to work with? She should speak to the person she ordered through. If she truly didn’t want to order through me- ok. I can respect that. But it felt like an intentional dig. She wanted to make sure I was aware she did not want to support my business.

C- sis in law placed order through another rep and tells me about it.
T- she’s trying to rude and trying to bug me.
F- annoyed
A- ruminate over it, analyze why she would have ill intent.
R-waste time over analyzing it, hold a grudge and justify it as protecting myself. (* as in, keep people who don’t seem to have my best interests or don’t genuinely cheer me on at a distance.)

I don’t like phony friends. I don’t think people who seem to want to hurt your feelings on purpose are worth spending much time with. I don’t believe I have a manual for her. I like my reason for having minimum standards. She can be who she is.

But I’m still having trouble coming up with a better intentional model. Or is that a waste of time? Can you give me your opinion?