C: sister says “I am sick of our family and will have to decide if/how much communication I will have with you moving forward.
T: I can allow her space and continue to love her and myself
F: acceptance
A: go about my goals, have my back, gratitude for the close relationship we had and all it taught me, find a new want need match with a friend, accept I cannot heal her pain, release my manual for her and how our relationship should be, feel the pain hurt and loss, don’t be afraid of those feelings, have my back, don’t allow myself to be a victim, remember I have SCS to help me
R: Love my sister as much as I ever have

Above is the IM I would like to adopt but can’t get there. Spinning in pain from hurt, loss, feeling discarded after years of us being each others #1 support friend. Looking for bridge thoughts for a more helpful model. Thanks