Sister driving me crazy- how is my model?

Here is my TDL:
My sister really stresses me out. Every time I call her she is bitching and moaning or heavily sighing. She has so much anxiety and other indulgent emotions and when she goes immediately to that helpless place, I just feel really irritated. I am glad she lives with our elderly mother, but she acts like such a martyr and just catastrophizes everything. I find it exhausting to talk to her. I do not enjoy co- caring for my mom with her. She drives me crazy.
C: talk to sister on the phone
T: She is always catastrophizing and acting like a martyr.
F: Irritated
A: act irritable, question her actions, speak in a short tone with her, act impatient, not patient, not calming, anxious about her anxiety
R: I am catastrophizing? I am acting like a martyr?