Sister-in-law doesn’t care

Can you help me with a model, please? Recently my husband told me he’s leaving me, and today he told his sister about it. His sister and I had a lot of contact recently, we texted almost daily, but since she knows my husband is leaving me I haven’t heard a word. I feel hurt, so here is my model:

C = sister-in-law didn’t reach out to me after husband told her he left me
T = she should have reached out to me, she doesn’t care about me anymore, she kicked me out of her family
F = hurt, neglected, unloved, resentful
A =I hide and ruminate more negative thoughts and feelings around the breakup and me not being lovable and worthy, also lots of negative thoughts and feelings about my sister-in-law,
R = I’m buffering by watching SCS videos all day

Can the A-line be the “action of thinking”? Maybe the A-line is buffering but then I don’t really know what the R-line would be…

alternatively model (C, T, + F the same)
A = buffering by watching SCS videos all day long
R = Sister-in-law still doesn’t reach out?

the result is confirming my thought, right, but then the R-line would be “sister-in-law doesn’t reach out” I just don’t know how this model can give me any insight.