Sister in law, niece called a bitch

Any input would be great on this model, I am not sure if there is a better way.

C: sister in law calls me and says words “her mom called her daughter a bitch”
T: Sister in law is crazy to allow someone to talk to her child that way.
F: angry at sister in law
A: change the subject because “she keeps making poor choices, and playing victim”, yell about her allowing this.
R: I become crazy

Intentional Model:
C: sister-in-law says her mom said words to my niece
T: I am not okay with this; this is why my kids can’t be over there without me.
F: Judgment (I want to have judgment; I don’t want to be okay with an 11 yr old being called a bitch)
A: keep a distance, not expose my kids as much.
R: create some disconnect with my sister in law. (I don’t discuss this with her).