My sister isn’t talking to me.

Dear Brooke,

My sister, whom I live within five minutes, isn’t talking to me.
I’m working on not resisting my anger, frustration, and desire to be right, along with the thoughts:
She’s an adult and can choose to not talk to me.
It’s okay for someone to be bad at me.

I can get over this. I know I can let her be her and love her, but I think we should talk about it.

However, my sister does not like to talk about things, and just wants to move on. I don’t think everything needs to be talked about, but this time I do.

We have a family gathering in two days, and I want to attend because my children are super excited to be with their cousins, and I like being with my family, but I also don’t want to be around someone who is choosing not to talk to me.