Sister Relationship

I have 3 sisters that I love, but I have had a “tough” last year with one of them. I’m doing the work about relationships and see that my thoughts are generating the “toughness.”

However I am still struggling with my mind. I love her but I don’t understand some of her behavior. I try to wonder and have curiosity but I feel no compassion. As a result, I have a hard time accepting her for who she is truly. I want to want to accept her for who she is!

I discovered a thought today that I have had for quite some time (but didn’t recognize it as a thought before): I think she could do/behave/speak better. I genuinely think that she hasn’t reached her best self, her full potential.

I feel kind of stuck here: this thought isn’t serving me in this relationship but I believe it could also “push” her to accomplish things if I tell her she can do better. Where do I go from there?
Thank you!