Sitting in the Sun

There is something about sitting in the sun. It feels warm like you’re sitting in a blanket that doesn’t weigh anything or have any feeling or texture. It is one of my favorite feelings. It got me thinking what is that feeling? What is the feeling of warmth. It feels like home, it feels safe, it feels comfortable, it feels like cuddles.

It also got me wondering, what do those feelings create in my life? How could I use these feelings? And then it made me realize if I practice what I preach, it’s not actually the warmth from the sun that is creating that feeling, it’s a thought I’m thinking when the warmth touches my skin. Because there are times when the sun touches my skin and hurts after a sunburn, or it feels hot and it aggravates me. Therefore, what are thoughts I’m thinking to myself when I sit in the sun and have all those positive emotions.

I tried to make a model on this to see what thought it was creating. I’m stuck however because I cannot think of the thought that I have when I sit in the sun. Maybe, it’s the thought, “This is warm and I am cold so this feels comforting”?

C: Sitting in the Sun
F: Warmth

This is all also making me realize how much I’ve relied on the weather in the past to dictate my mood. I would always say I’m a happier more upbeat person during the summer because I love the sun vs the winter. What are thoughts that I can think during the winter that I can thank to help me feel the same way when I sit in the sun.

Does any of that make sense?