Sitting With Urges – Misophonia

Tonight I was baking in the kitchen and my husband started eating Gardetto’s – for me, crunching is one of the most triggering sounds. Usually I escape or lash out verbally at my husband by making little critical comments in hopes he changes his behavior. He knows I can’t stand the sound of certain sounds and has generally been really, really accommodating. Tonight I saw this as an opportunity to sit with my discomfort and annoyance rather than escape or verbally lash out. IT WAS SO HARD! But I did it! It was so intense at one point I was almost in tears but I did it. Almost crying was the peak of the intensity of feeling my emotions and they really subsided after that. I just kept telling myself “this is my work” and “the worst I can feel is an emotion.” I kept labeling my feelings and observing my thoughts. After, my husband came up to me and said, “how bad did you want to kick me out of the living room” 😂😂 I told