Skin model

Hello and thank you for your help.

I have a condition that means that my skin breaks down and is slow to heal. I often have scabs on my neck and face. I find myself with blood on my fingers from picking at these scabs and this is the first I notice that I have been picking at them. I have always believed that I can not help but pick at these scabs.

I have been following the Stop Overeating program and I realised that this was in someway similar to ‘coming round’ to find oneself with an empty cookie jar and no memory of eating them. This idea let me see that _maybe_ it would be possible to allow the urge of picking at my skin after all.

I wrote the following models:

C: my skin
T: I can’t help but pick at it
F: resigned
A: pick at it, don’t try to change habit, believe T is true, look at myself in mirror, judge and criticise myself
R: I continue to be unable to help myself stop

C: my skin
T: maybe it is possible to change this habit
F: curious
A: observe my behaviour, be compassionate with myself when I pick my skin, try to notice before I give into the urge and allow the urge instead
R: changing this habit becomes possible

Any thoughts gratefully received.