Sleep 2

So I am very open to it being simple with sleep and I took the previous answer and I’m working with these thoughts that were suggested.

A lot of sadness cane up with this answer because I feel so unable to change this or fix this…., ( I am continuing to feel the sensations of the emotions in my body and am having good learning w/ oh that’s the sadness emotion, oh thats the victim emotion.)

So – I jad acute insomnia for about 10 years, got neuro feedback treatment, it worked – I was off sleeping pills, then over several years it partially came back, and I’m back on sleeping pills to go to sleep and more than before. I jate this! Which is a thought. A better one os I have been seeking and acting on changing this gor the better yet whatever happened before happened and now I am where ai am with it and I would like to resolve this.

Do I clean up mu trail on this sleep thing? And how? Tdl until I can move my thoughts better or?

How can I actually het my real sleep to change and get off sleeping pills? I have spent $15000 on treatment that didn’t fully stick. I don’t have the cash atm to do more treatment. In fact I owe $300 on that right now. I did find the latest cutting edge treatment at a lower cost.

Just so you know – I’m working the money program, I am doing the daily monthly work and I have an IG!!!