I’d like to change my thoughts about the quality of my sleep and how much sleep I get.

Current thoughts:
It’s not fair that I can’t sleep well.
I go to bed on time 28/30 days a month.
I eat well so I should sleep well. I quit drinking.
Why do other people sleep so well when they have poor diets and stay on their phones in bed.
It’s not fair.
I’ve been having trouble sleeping for 6 years, when will this end.
This is my fault because I have evil thoughts about my ex husband and his wife sometimes before bed.
It’s my fault that I have terrible dreams.
Why can’t I shut down my thinking?
Lack of sleep effects my quality of thinking to grow my business.
I hate being tired.
My mood is low when I’m tired.
I need quality sleep and I don’t know what to do next.

I’ll take one thought and do a model.
But what do I do with the sensation of being tired?
If I’m hungry, I can eat, but with tired, what do I do?

C sleep
T I need quality sleep and I don’t know what to do about it because I’ve tried everything
F irritated
A spin in thoughts above. Lay around. Pout. Don’t leave the house. Don’t follow my calendar. Compare my sleep to others.
R having an experience day to day that I don’t enjoy