Sleep Issues with 10 Year Old

Last year my 10 year old daughter spent most of the school year exhausted and miserable. She can’t seem to sleep through the night. She continually wakes up and sneaks into my room for ‘one last hug’ every couple of hours. I had discussed this with her teacher at the time and there was another girl who was bullying my daughter. We addressed the issue and the last couple months of the school year went well. With school getting ready to start again September 5th, my daughter is already stressing out. She’s been getting up at night again every couple of hours for one last hug. When I ask her what’s going on she says she is not getting to spend enough time with me and she is worried that school is about to start. I spend a lot of time with my kids at home and even bring them to work with me on occasion (I own my own business). I would love to teach my daughter how to use the model to address her fears about the school year and her separation anxiety. I think she’s smart enough that I don’t need to dumb anything down for her so I was thinking I could have her do a thought download and go from there using the model to address what ever comes up. Am I on the right track?