sleep model help-EV

Hey there Brooke,

So I work graveyard and for a long time now I’ve wanted to wake up a lot earlier so that I can actually work on my business.

I have found this to be so challenging lately…

I can try and blame it on my sleep cycle being all screwed up but I know im just choosing to oversleep.

I get annoyed with myself because most people I work with struggle with getting enough sleep because of other commitments and here I am struggling with sleeping TOO MUCH.

I have this belief that I NEED to get proper sleep in order to stay healthy and function properly throughout the day and night.

But I find that to belief to be working against me.

The past week, Ive either overslept or went to sleep later than I should’ve (self-sabotage for sure).

I just want to be able to get home and go to sleep within the hour and wake up by 5pm so that I have the entire evening (my morning) to do scs work, business work, and other things that I ignore like cleaning my room or working out.

In the moment when I hear the alarm, it just feels automatic now, like I instantly hit snooze.. then it just keeps going. I try to stay awake but then find myself going back to sleep.

Here’s my model
C- Alarm rings to wake up
T1- I just want to keep sleeping
T2-I need more sleep
F- Tired
A- Hit snooze until the latest time I can wake up
R- Overslept

C-Alarm rings to wake up
T1- I’ve slept enough, time to wake up
T2-I know I want to keep sleeping but I’m going to get up anyway
A- Does not hit snooze when alarm rings, gets up
R- Followed through on my commitment

Somehow my intentional thoughts don’t seem like theyd actually get me to wake up or put the brakes on the snooze button.

– Elizabeth