Sleep problems with protocol

I’m a newbie here on scholars and have started the overeating program. I have eaten paleo and low carb in the past, and am now having the same problem I had in those cases with this program. I’ve only been on the protocol for 3 days, but the problem started the second night.
Problem: I wake up around 2 and can’t get back to sleep for hours. Depending on when I need to wake up, this can mean a total of only 3.5 hours. Right now I am toughing it out and yes, I’m surviving, but I can’t go on like this for very long.
My protocol: I am on a long and complicated vacation (I was on a West Coast road trip with camping and visiting family, and I’m leaving now for 3 weeks in Argentina). Because of this, my protocol is more general than I would like. Eating window 12-8, 2 meals; protein + non-starchy and starchy vegetables. I am really trying to focus on the starchy vegetables, because I thought this was the problem in the past.
Other than the lack of sleep (which, yes, is ‘ass’), I feel great and really like this eating protocol, I think it could really work for me.