Sleep schedule

I am reluctant to get on a regular sleep schedule, and I realize that this has to do in part with my resistance to ‘routine’. I hate routine. I think it is boring, and reminds me of the rat race. Get up, go to work, run on the hamster wheel, eat dinner, watch tv and go to bed. Because of this belief, I really am reluctant to get a proper sleep schedule. I also think that if I do something adventurous or cool, that if I’m not used to an erratic sleep schedule I will be unable to cope effectively.

C: idea to sleep and wake at same times every day and get 7-8 hours of sleep
T: routine is rat race
F: resistance, pushing against
A: I don’t establish a routine, I stay up too late doing useless things, I’m tired all the time
R: I don’t have a routine

I think I need some new beliefs around routine, but I don’t believe any positive aspects and I think that most people that say they have a routine are really just rat racey and are trying to convince me to also get better at the rat race.

I think I need to neutralize the idea of routine, since I don’t think I’m anywhere near jumping to the positive aspects of routine yet.