sleep, time management and mental clarity

Hi Brooke! I just joined SCS and am thrilled to be here. I am especially interested in your work from an entrepreneur angle since I am a therapist and the founder and director of a thriving group integrative mental health practice that is rapidly growing. I am also mother to two kids (13 and 22 months). I typically do a great job of managing my mind, but the place where I get stuck is on nights where I don’t get enough sleep due to the baby who still wakes up through the night and earlier than I would prefer in the morning. I take baby to daycare, exercise and see clients until 5 every day during the week. (I am proud to say that even my own former therapist told me I would “have to” work nights in this profession in order to make it to which I thought “Nope!” and proved myself right.) After dinner, bath and getting baby down I spend time with my oldest who doesn’t get as much attention while baby is awake. By the time I get him to bed and spend a bit of time chatting with my husband, I only have 6-7 hours left to read, write and sleep before it all starts again. Today is an example of a poor sleep day. I am concerned that I am spacier and more irritable on these days though I have seen a lot of improvement in the irritability portion by using the model and the mantra “The situation doesn’t control me, I control me.” However, I know the research about mental clarity being affected by poor sleep and I feel less productive and present on these days even though I still show up and do my best. Do you have any tips for how better to manage my thoughts about not getting enough sleep or the fact that research suggests I won’t be as mentally clear on these days. I know I can’t “argue with reality”, but I want to keep upping the ante in my productivity and clarity in a self-compassionate way despite poor sleep. Thank you for creating such an awesome podcast and program. Looking forward to receiving my first box in the mail! 🙂