First, I’d like to thank for for this program. Life changing! I have gained so much confidence since January, so I’m excited to see where this month will take me. I think it is coming at a perfect time for me, because I now have confidence that I can develop more confidence.

When I joined in January, and committed for a year, I knew what I wanted my end result to be in December. I wanted to have a lot more energy. I knew that the two things that would most improve my energy would be thought work and weight loss. After much confusion in Jan, I finally set a goal of weight loss, and decided to commit to this goal for the year. (I knew I would be learning thought work as I worked on this goal)

Although this program has had many benefits for me so far (including going off my antidepressants in May cause I was ready!), I have not lost much weight (yet).

One of the thoughts that comes up for me over and over again and I have done many models on is sleep. The belief that I have most worked on is ‘I can’t function if I don’t get enough sleep.’ I have worked on believing instead, ‘It’s totally fine, I will sleep again tonight.(or tomorrow).’ So my thoughts and emotions about sleep have improved, but the facts (how many total hours of sleep, how many times I wake up in the night, etc), have not materially changed.

I would like to now work on trying to improve the actual quality of my sleep habits. I found an 4-6 wk online program that seems really promising.

My question for you is about your coaching on constraint. I do not plan to quit SCS while working on my sleep habits and I will definitely continue the daily homework, but I will be focusing less on weight loss and food. This is the part where my brain wants to be confused, because part of me feels like focusing on something besides weight loss is the opposite of constraint, especially when I committed to weight loss as a goal.

But maybe, I should be looking at it differently. Maybe the focus on sleep is what I need to jump start my weight loss, since weight and sleep seem to be connected.

I’m not sure if I really asked a question or not, so I’ll end with this.