Hi Brooke.
I got a good chuckle out of my homework today. I know that many of us are searching for a way to make “what remains” more enjoyable so I thought I’d share it in hopes that it can give others a chuckle too. My unintentional model had “excited” in the F line and I labeled it as unwanted but need to allow.
C: flour/sugar/snacks
T: I can get back on it after this is gone
F: excited
A: eat the forbidden food
R: reinforce desire, making urges stronger

Then it struck me that labeling excited as an unwanted feeling was funny. Here’s what I wrote in the section after we categorize the feelings:
I don’t want to be excited about foods that are preventing me from realizing my dreams. In this case, excitement is DROOL, and I have been too unconscious to realize that in my excitement, I’ve been slinging drool all over the kitchen! It’s gross! I definitely want to contain that.
So hope that entertains at least one person! Have a good day!
Karen M