Slippery road (eating off protocol)


I’m a bit worried because this week I overeat every day when I come home from work and I’m afraid that I’ll gain back the weight I lost and not be able to pull myself together and that the obsession around food will resume.

I don’t eat sugar or flour, but I really want to eat when I come home from work alone. I try to anticipate, to tell myself that I know that the urge to eat will be there and that next time I’ll do something else than eating in front of the TV to rest but on the moment I can’t control myself anymore, at least that’s the impression it gives me. It really pisses me off because I’m messing up the great results I’ve been getting and my confidence is taking a hit at the same time. I know I’m in control, no one puts food or alcohol in my mouth, but at the time it feels like I can’t talk to myself anymore.

I would be very grateful if you could help me with some advice to get back to the good state of mind that made me stick to my protocol and have more confidence in my ability to manage my emotions and thoughts.

Thank you very much in advance!